Hi, I'm Barbara, born in 1978 in the Lower Rhine area. I love to travel since I stayed with a host family in the south of France at the age of 16. Meanwhile I have lived for a few months in England, Chile and Denmark.

Since 2002 I live in the beautiful city of Cologne, where I got to know Christian while studying. Currently I am working in the legal department of a chemical company in Leverkusen. Every day I am in contact with colleagues from Europe and all over the world, what I like a lot about my job, but still I prefer to travel and look at the world with my own eyes. Then we check out our neighbouring countries with the campervan taking our mountain bikes with us. But we were already with Dirk travelling in a sailboat on the Ionian Sea or by plane further away, two years ago in New Zealand and at the end of last year in Patagonia.


So the Baltic Sea Circle came just at the right time to plan the next trip. Actually, I thought Dirk and Christian would better pass this adventure alone, but ultimately I am too excited to miss it. Somebody has to make sandwiches, open cans and take care of the clothes, when the guys want to swim in an icy lake. ;-) And of course I want to support them in the donation projects.

I am sure the three of us will fulfil all the tasks in the road book and make the first place!