I'm op jöck (on my way) since 1979. As a little boy I was always en route with my Bobby car and ever since nothing has changed.

I work as a controller in a restoration company in Cologne and like to spend my spare time with friends,
playing soccer, mountain biking or skiing.

To make it short, I am almost always op jöck, whether with my VW bus from 1988 or by plane around the world ... always on the move!

For me the Baltic Sea Circle 2015 means a great challenge due to the combination of adventure, meeting strangers, getting to new places not yet seen, new experiences

To do the rally together with Dirk, whom I know since 1996, makes the whole story even more exciting. We have been several times op jöck together and in June 2015, we start something new. I'm already looking forward to the short tour around the Baltic Sea.

And most importantly: We want to draw attention to charity projects, which are important to us. Please take a look at our projects, maybe you too can identify with this and give a small donation to contribute.

Thank you!